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Holiday Gift List for Writers — Anti-Gadget, Anti-Cost, Anti-Shiny

If you’re a writer, content creator or coach, this gift list is for you

If you are a writer or want to gift something to a writer, do yourself a favour: don’t buy a trendy, shiny gift that will sit unused on the shelf. Buy something that actually makes writing easier.

Remember, writers need space to write and reflect, free from distractions, and something to inspire.

Gifts for writers don’t have to say “writer” on the label. They need to work.

Here’s my no-nonsense writer’s gift list. (These are not affiliate links).

Journal Regularly with a Notebook That Feels Good

Photo: Nicole Janz

Why: A regular journaling practice about your goals, challenges and new ideas will remove clutter from your brain and help you make progress faster.

What: Any notebook will do, of course. I use this dotted Notebook from Lemome (or Colorage, seems to be the same one but cheaper) on Amazon with thick paper that never bleeds through, even when I use my favourite fountain pen. The notebook comes in a white gift box with golden letters, and I love starting my new journal every few months and gift myself the time of journaling. 

Non-Distraction is the best gift you can give

Photo: Nicole Janz

Why: Writers need to shut out the world to stay in flow. 

What: The best tool I’v gifted myself since having kids are my noise cancelling headphones. I use Bose Quiet Comfort 35ii Noise Cancelling Headphones but any will do. This gift lasts years, and it brings the gift of minimal disruption.

Fountain Pens and Ink Removers — write, rewrite, write again

Photo: Nicole Janz

Why: Handwriting is best for coming up with new ideas and writing from your inner truth. Pairing with a great notebook, a fountain pen can be strategically left by your bedside, your desk, or wherever else muse might strike. It’s pretty, feels good, and makes you want to write.

What: I use fountain pens from the brand Online. They have a great grip and medium tip to make the words flow onto the page. I use a Pelikan ink eraser to correct things when needed. It feels comforting and I have 3–4 of those around the house and in my purse.

Coasters that keep your drink warm and desk clean

Why: Writers love hot drinks. My own flow ritual is to get a hot tea, put my headphones on, and set goals in my journal. Drink mandatory. And that drink needs to stay warm while I’m typing!

What: I use soft rubber record coasters for my glass desk top (more on my desk below). I use them as a lid on my drink to keep it warm, and underneath to avoid stains. If you’ve got those, and that hot steaming drink, writing is a pampering session! (Search soft record coaster on Amazon; I received mine as a gift from my sister)

A planner that you use, not leave on the shelf

Photo: Nicole Janz

Why: If you don’t schedule and plan out your writing, you either don’t sit down to do it, or once you sit down, you wonder what to do. Plan ahead, slot in the time, and give yourself the gift of writing time.

What: Since I made it specificially for writers who want to be more productive, I use the The Write Habit Planner to stay on top of my goals. It works, but only if you break it in the day you get it and start using it (make it messy!). Note: You’ll need non-bleed through pens for this, so I use a simple ballpoint pen, gel highlighters (see below) and stickers, not my fountain pen.

Highlighters that don’t bleed through and feel soft

Why: You want to mark up your journal, books or print-outs, but feel sick of the regular highlighters from the supermarket? Mix it up! Any write will love stationary and pens!

What: I discovered the Gel Highlighters called YISAN that are crayon-like and don’t bleed through pages. Again, none of the links here are affiliate links, and you might find similar highlighters elsewhere.

Sensory joy and wellness for your body

Photo: Nicole Janz

Why: If it smells good, it’s easier to keep writing. I don’t like scented candles, they become overpowering easily. But a hand lotion can do the job just as well and the scent fades faster (a good thing for me).

What: This mango hand lotion from Body Shop can double up as great smell for a few minutes, and softness for my typing hands. I apply it to the backside of my hands so I don’t smudge my keyboard. I put on a bit of lotion whenever I feel bored — which helps to avoid too many snacks as well.

Anti-Back pain desks are expensive but last for years

Photo: Nicole Janz

Why: You want to be able to adjust both chair and desk, and have the option to stand if you’re just before a deadline and must put in the hours. The photo shows my actual desk. I could not live without it.

What: Any height-adjustable desk will work. I ordered this one from Flexispot because my assistant used the same, and why not follow someone and get the same thing (and save time on researching the right one).

What’s on your wishlist as a writer?

Maybe I’ve been a bit too practical. I honestly wish someone would give me writer’s gifts that I actually use daily, rather than a pretty, fancy thing that I keep pretty, fancy on my shelf.

The above are items I’ve been gifted or bought myself, and I don’t get any money for sharing those links, they are not affiliate links. I wanted this to be an honest, anti-trend list that speaks to what a writer actually nees and uses daily.

What is on your Christmas list? 

Get a free version of The Write Habit Planner here.

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