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“Academic Self-Management & Deep Work”

Academia is a challenging environment. The ‘publish or perish’ culture expects you to produce papers, books, and grant proposals month by month, year by year. Outputs need to come fast. But they must also be impeccable. At the same time, our daily environment is designed to be disruptive, and time to ‘think’ or write in the flow is scarce. No wonder so many academics are stretched too thin and get blocked.

But it shouldn’t be that way. Researchers should be able to set efficient goals and focus on what matters most. They should be able to get into the writing flow fast. They should have time to rest, think, and plan their careers with excitement and motivation.

My workshop (live on Zoom, 60-90min) is designed to help researchers to improve their goal-setting strategies and turn their plans into daily action.

The training uses envisioning, journaling, and planning exercises (workbook provided) to transform how academics approach their work – following a 4 step framework:

  • Future self mindset: Regain clarity and motivation about your top three long-term goals.
  • Priority thinking: Apply strategies to set priorities, eliminate lesser goals, and make your projects manageable to create a pathway to your future self goals.
  • Schedule transformation: Design your ‘ideal week’ schedule including times to ‘eat the frog’ and ‘recovery slots’ so that you work with maximum efficiency.
  • Habit training: Establish rituals to trigger deep work flow and measure your progress regularly.

After this workshop, you’ll have an action plan tailored to your project stage – and invaluable skills to apply in your future career.


“I attended one of Nicole’s workshops, to researchers of all walks of life. She distilled piercing and clear advice, in immediately actionable steps designed to help us regain balance and control in our busy lives. Priceless.”

Dr. Etienne B. Roesch, Associate Professor of Cognitive Science, Univ. Reading