My relationship with writing has changed completely, after committing to a coaching partnership with Nicole. I thought I’d never get a paper written that’s really important to me, and that I had been agonizing over for years, literally.  I had also hired well-known writing coaches before, spent more money than I care to admit on that, but hadn’t made any real progress. So to say I was skeptical that Nicole could help me write up my paper in 2 months is some understatement indeed! But she did, and I did it. Be prepared that Nicole’s time, advice, and careful attention to you and your work will not be the cheapest. But in my experience, Nicole is the best writing coach out there. If you work with Nicole, you’ll realise just how valuable it is to have a writing coach who really looks at you and your writing, who really walks through each step of your writing journey with you, and who somehow works out what words, mental reframes, or writing exercises really help whenever you feel stuck. The best proof that Nicole is a brilliant writing coach? After I submitted that paper, my partner said, “you actually didn’t look stressed at all this time round, although you were writing every day!”