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Your Free 2023 Writers’ Goal Planner

“What would you do in 2023 if writing could be easy?” — Dr Nicole Janz

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and picture yourself a year from today.

You wake up in the morning, and all your writing is published. You’ve received amazing feedback, and your business has grown exponentially.

You’ve established yourself as a key person of influence.

All that procrastination and worry is gone. And best of all, you found writing one of the easiest processes you’ve ever had.

So let’s get started and turn that vision into reality with the three simple steps from “The Write Habit Planner 2023”. You can download the planner for free (entrepreneurs click here; academics click here.)

Step 1: Shake off 2022 and plan 2023

Having been coached by Dr Benjamin HardyJoel Weldon, and Guy Hendricks, and by studying research on motivation and coaching my own clients, I’ve found three ingredients help me plan my writing and actually do it:

  • Set 3 priorities at the start of each quarter, month, week
  • Schedule writing slots ahead of time
  • Reflect & count your wins

The planner breaks down these concepts into a series of journaling questions to make it easy to apply them.

✓ Review 2022 & move on

✓ Create your 5-year vision and 12-month writing focus

✓ Plan writing, audio & video content based on your niche

✓ Monthly & weekly calendar pages for creative projects

✓ Prompts to reflect, reset, and recommit

You can download the planner for free (entrepreneurs click here; academics click here.)

Step 2: What’s your message for 2023?

Ever drowned in too many ideas — and ended up overwhelmed? With a series of prompts, the planner helps you prioritize and gain clarity over your content.

✓ Clarify your message for your niche audience

✓ 7-Step tool to identify topics that resonate

✓ 6-minute outline to write any piece of content

✓ Blueprint to create client stories & testimonials

✓ Create a bio that your audience cares about

Tip: If you try only 1 thing from the planner — do the 6-minute outline before you start writing your next piece (newsletter, article, book chapter, video script). It helps you clarify your takeaway and warm up to write more. It has worked with all my clients!

You can download the planner for free (entrepreneurs click here; academics click here.)

Step 3: Train your habits for daily writing

Habit training is difficult — but with the right “ticking off” sheets it’s possible. Find yourself a group or accountability partner to do this together — it’s more fun and more likely to stick! Here’s what the planner gives you:

✓ Create your habit vision for 2023

✓ Design your flow ritual and apply it immediately

✓ Start thinking in 7, 30, or 90-day streaks

✓ Train daily writing habits with 3 challenge blueprints

✓ Tools to identify self-sabotage and overcome procrastination

Bonus feature: If you’re stuck, go directly to the “Your Writer’s Block” sheets in the planner and feel better within minutes. Nothing to solve, just pure love, compassion, and writing yourself gently out of the block.

You can download the planner for free (entrepreneurs click here; academics click here.)

Does the planner really work?

Like you, I struggled with daily writing and procrastination. Yet, I figured out a way to deal with both.

  • Fresh out of school I worked as a journalist. With daily deadlines and a critical editor looking over my shoulder I often dreaded work — but eventually, I learned to write quickly and to the point.
  • Later, as a Ph.D. student and lecturer, I repeatedly got stuck with long-term projects — until I learned that clarity and a solid writing habit keep me going.

Little did I know that the hardest times during my career would help me guide hundreds of writers to consistently publish their articles, books, newsletters, and other outputs.

The planner contains my best blueprints and tools — with guided notes as if you had a coach by your side.

Here’s what others say

“Simple and to the point — it keeps me focused! Your planner is too good for a freebie!” — Scott Proposki, author & business coach

“These writing tools are the foundation of my weekly process.” — Stephen Timoney, high-performance coach

“In no time you have a clear idea of how and what to write — a content roadmap!” — Catherine Polet, joy & fulfillment coach

Download the planner, fill in your 2023 goals, and make 2023 your best writing year ever!

There are two versions: Entrepreneurs click here, academics click here.)

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