Welcome to my page!

I’m Nicole Janz, an academic, writer, and coach.

You will notice from this webpage that I’m in transition. I’ve recently left my job as a tenured lecturer in international relations at the University of Nottingham. Before that, I did my Ph.D. and post-doc at Cambridge, UK. After ten years in academia, I am now a full-time writer and coach. If you wonder how I made this decision, read more here. In an earlier life, I worked as a journalist for newspapers in Germany (for 10 years).

I now help writers to be more productive and publish more. I run workshops, writing retreats, and offer one-on-one coaching to get you unstuck.

You might be:

  • an entrepreneur who is keen to publish their expert knowledge as a book or regular blog for their clients and beyond
  • a professional writer who knows their craft, but wants to establish a more productive writing habit
  • a novelist who finally wants to finish their long-form project battles with the inner critic
  • an academic (with or without university affiliation) who wants to write for a wider audience

I work with writers who are at the beginning of their journey, and those who are already writing productively but want to move to the next level.

For one-on-one coaching, I am interested in clients I can deeply connect with – be it on a personal level, or because they have a mission to bring information and stories to the world that I can get excited about. This might include solving societal or science problems, helping people overcome what holds them back, telling a compelling story, or bringing big ideas into the worlds of entrepreneurs, business, and global society.

I also work with organisations such as the University of Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin University, and UK Reproducibility Network to develop bespoke workshops and offer training and coaching for individuals on goal setting, writing productively, overcoming block, and self-management.

If you’re a university looking for a bespoke workshop, email me at drnicolejanz@gmail.com

If you’re an individual looking for one-on-one coaching, ask me for a free 30min consultation at drjanznicole@gmail.com.

If you’re here for free writing tips, read my blog on Medium and sign up for my newsletter.