I’m Nicole. I’ve been coaching and mentoring writers for over ten years.

In 2021, my life came to a sudden halt – I was burned out.

It was the lowest point of my life – and a wake-up call! I took several months off my job as a university lecturer and started writing creatively. Writing has healed me.

I realised that my unique ability lies in creativity and connection.

I now write fiction and non-fiction, and I help academics, coaches, and entrepreneurs to write their books and articles.

In my coaching, I don’t just consult on how to plan your manuscript. I also create a space where clients uncover their mental blocks, set up a new flow routine, and learn to write with focus, flow, and ease. In my high-level one-on-one program, I even check in with you daily.

I see myself as your writing partner, and I have as much stake in your success as you have.

My coaching is informed by mindfulness approaches, behavioural psychology, and neurobiology.