1-1 Coaching – Write Your Book With Me

VIP coaching to plan, outline, and write your book within 3-6 months. Limited places.

Step 1: Outline and main message

Step 2: Establish momentum

Step 3: Bring it to the finish line

This works well for all kinds of non-fiction writers, including coaches, academics, podcasters, speakers, consultants, authors, memoirists. If you have a story to tell and insights that can make a real impact, schedule a consult and let’s talk.

90-Day Accelerator Program

Group program to create a productive writing system and get a project done.

  • 12 training modules
  • 12 weekly live meetings to get coached and co-write
  • Daily accountability, advice and unblocking in our community

This program runs 2-3 times a year. Next rounds: Jan/Feb 2024, Sept/Oct 2024. Limited to 15 places per cohort – book ahead to ensure your place. The best way to hear about live rounds and early bird prices is to get on my newsletter.

If you’re interested in booking this 90-day coaching program to run in-house at your organisation or university, please schedule a consult.

Podcast Collaboration

I’m an experienced podcast guest and interested in having transformational conversations that make a real impact.

  • Contact drjanznicole@gmail.com if you’d like to invite me to your podcast!

Recent episodes (you also have them all in one place in this Spotify Playlist):

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Bespoke Workshops for Your Organisation

I offer in-house coaching and workshops on creativity, flow triggers and career success for institutions, companies and universities. These are offered on Zoom or in person in Cambridge, UK. Examples:

  • “Academic Faculty Program” – 90-day career & writing accelerator
  • “Self-Management & Deep Work” 90min workshop and journaling experience
  • “Goal Setting and Productive Writing” 90min workshop and goal setting experience
  • “Creativity and Burnout” 90-min workshop or 3-part series incl. group coaching
  • “Academic Writing for a Wide Audience” 90-min workshop
  • “Body-Mind Approach to Creative Block” 90-min workshop
  • “Automatic Writing to Unlock Your Subconscious” 90-min workshop or 3-part series of workshop and combined coaching
  • “Achieving a Major Pivot in Your Life” 90-min workshop and exploration with the Future Self method

For a bespoke in-house program or workshop at your organisation, please schedule a consult.

Bulk-Buy “The Write Habit Planner” for a free exclusive live workshop

I am promoting my writer’s planner “The Write Habit Planner” which comes with a free online course.

If you bulk-buy 40+ copies for your organisation, writer’s community or university, I offer an exclusive live workshop as a thank for a discounted rate (or for free, depending on the number of copies). Please email me at drjanznicole@gmail.com if you’re interested.