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Unlock Your Inner Author: 3 Steps to Write Your First Book (So You Don’t Give Up on Day 3)

Today, I’m going to show you the first tiny steps I would take when starting a brand-new book.

This is probably one of the most-asked questions on socials I get. The reason is that most writers jump into writing instead setting up their book files and premise. Soon, they get stuck, and give up.

Source: @drnicolejanz on Twitter

Below, I’ll give you 3 simple steps to:

• set up the right files

• connect with your book

• make your book feel ‘real’ before you write the first words

This way, you’ll trick your brain into commitment and excitement to start writing.

Don’t start your book by thinking. Start by doing.

The following steps take only a few minutes each and are extremely actionable.

Let’s dive in.

#1 Braindump Folder

• Create a folder on your laptop and call it “My Book”

• Inside, create new word doc called “Braindump”

• Open that word doc and write this sentence at the top:

“Tell me everything I need to know right now about the topic!”

• Take a deep breath, and write down whatever comes to mind

#2 Why Folder

• Inside your “My Book” folder, create a new word doc called “Why”

• Open that word doc and copy 3 sentences at the top:

1. Why are you coming to me (and not someone else)?

2. Why should I write you now?

3. Why is it so important this message comes into the world?

• Take a deep breath, and write your answer down — trust that whatever comes to mind is OK for now

#3 Don’t jump into writing

Most authors make the big mistake to start writing too soon. They don’t have their main takeaway, no writing time plan, and struggle to find the right outline. Soon, they give up.

Instead, your next steps are:

• Identify one key message of your book

• Create an outline

• Create a writing roadmap with manageable milestones

I’ll guide you through the next steps in the book starter process with my new (free) mini course “Start Your Book in 5 Days”.

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