90-Day Writing Accelerator

This program is suitable to get you unstuck, no matter if you’re an academic, coach, or entrepreneur. Your project might be an academic journal article, grant proposal, book, podcast scripts, or anything that you’re stuck with – as long as it’s writing.

Writing every day is hard. You might have a day job or company, and a family that keep you busy. Or you have lots of unstructured time ahead of you and no one holding you accountable.

You’ve invested a lot of time in your writing project and you want to see it through, but you don’t know where to start. All you can see is a massive mountain ahead of you, and a never-ending loop of procrastination.

With so much at stake, it’s hard not to feel stressed.

You need guidance and accountability to overcome mental blocks and create a new writing practice.

How I can help

With my 90-Day Writing Accelerator, you will learn how to write every day.

Imagine you wake up with a specific goal in mind, and the focus and determination to sit down and start. Each day, you follow a tailored routine to trigger the writing flow. You will complete small milestones and submit your work to me at night – no matter if it’s 50 or 500 words! With this system, you create more time for thinking, planning your career, and enjoying your life.

With my training and coaching, you will find out where your blindspots, inner fears, and productivity hurdles are. You will learn to find the sweet spot between ‘fit for purpose’ and ‘absolutely perfect’.

Week by week, you will apply your new writing system and productivity habits for long-term publication success.

After this coaching program, you will complete your writing projects with focus, flow, and ease.

Why is this program so effective?

I provide a combination of behavioural psychology and maximum accountability.

That means we meet weekly to work on your thoughts about your writing, your mindset. We design your writing environment to get you into the flow effortlessly.

In the one-one-one version of this program, I also provide personal daily accountability. You check in with me in the morning, and check out at night. There is no other writing coaching program with such high-end support.

Many clients of mine have read countless productivity books or hired other writing coaches – and never finished their projects.

With me, you will.

The Plan

Step 01: Vision & Roadmap

In our first meeting, we set out a vision for the project and create a writing and publication roadmap.

We identify all other projects in your pipeline, note at which stages they are, and eliminate lesser goals and distractions so you can prioritize your main project.

Step 02: Daily writing

In weekly check-in calls, we set your daily writing schedule and reflect on your challenges.

You share your writing goals every morning and check out at night. This happens with me (in the one-on-one option) or with an accountability partner in your writers’ group (the group option). There’s also an online tracker to insert and track your achievements.

Bonus in the one-on-one package: If you get stuck for more than two days, we’ll schedule a quick emergency call.

Step 03: Completion & Follow-up

We identify what’s hindering the completion of your projects. We then create a decision path with clear criteria to let go of a project and submit it. We’ll aim to submit at least one project together.

I’ll check in with you 4 weeks after our coaching package ends to review your writing practice.


There is a one-on-one option and a group option, depending on how ‘stuck’ you are and how close your deadline is.

Please schedule a free discovery call to discuss all options and get a tailored quote.