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Are you at risk of writer’s burnout?

Writers often have day jobs, too many projects, don’t take enough breaks, and feel immense pressure to publish. 

Does this resonate? Are you sometimes overwhelmed? 

Yesterday I had such a day. Too many meetings, too many demands on my time. I felt that buzz and brain fog alongside exhaustion that could easily tip into despair.

I did two things to get better within an hour:

• I went for a walk and cancelled a few meetings

• I talked about it (in a podcast interview) and enjoyed feeling calmer by the minute because I could share how it feels when you’re moving into burnout

The “walk > cancel > talk” process helped me ground myself again.

How to check if you’re at risk of burnout

Step 1: Answer this question truthfully:

At the end of the day, I usually feel…

Step 2: Which of these challenges apply to you?

  • I’m in the hamster wheel and don’t know how to stop
  • I have too many meetings and no time to think
  • I can’t block out time for deep work anymore
  • I help too many other people and it’s draining my energy
  • I schedule breaks but can’t relax during this time
  • I work almost every evening and weekend
  • I don’t know what “peace of mind” feels anymore
  • When I open my email, I get stressed from seeing all the requests on my time

What you can do right now to find release

If you think you might be at risk of burnout, build recovery into your schedule. Even if it’s just 30 minutes per day! Scheduling recovery breaks is a practice to help you return to yourself and honour that you’re a human being who needs to find ways to replenish their energy.

Which of these active recovery activities appeal to you?


Hot bath / shower

Breath work


Nature immersion / walk

Light exercise


What else would you add to the list? Which activity usually lights you up, gives you joy, and replenishes your energy? Make a note and reserve a slot in your calendar right now.

It doesn’t have to be a big holiday, or a full-day yoga retreat. 30 minutes, as a start, can help you ground yourself (and then see what else in your life might need changing).

Download my free burnout checklist that you can use right now to check if you’re at risk and get daily planning templates tailored to those who tend to overwork.

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