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How to overcome block with automatic writing

As a writer, I’m sure you’ve felt the pain of procrastination and block. That feeling that your book will never get finished…

And while there are many ways to get out of block, Automatic Writing is my favourite tool.

It’s journaling without thinking.

With automatic writing, you shut out the inner critic and instead write in a meditative state that lets insights from your subconscious come through.

With automatic writing, I found new clarity and stopped overthinking. For example, I …

• Overcame writer’s block and found new flow for my novel  📚

• Launched my writing coaching journey 🚀

• Found the courage to leave my academic job ✨

• Confidently let go of lesser goals and toxic people💡

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Stay Sleepy

Get up 20 minutes earlier than usual, and while you’re still sleepy, have a pen and paper ready. This helps you keep the ‘logical thinking brain’ or ‘inner critic’ silent. 

Step 2: Get into a meditative state

Put on meditative music using headphones (theta waves are helpful). This helps you turn off your rational thinking brain. It keeps out distractions and intrusive thoughts.

Listen, breathe deeply, and open yourself to what may come.

Step 3: Envision your inner team 

Envision your Future Self (and older, wiser version of you) coming into the room with you.

Your future self has gone through all your challenges already — you can ask that older version of you for advice and compassion.

Step 4: Ask questions

Write down these questions, and let your Future Self answer.

• What do I need to know today? 

• Who am I?

• What’s my single-minded purpose today?

You can add any questions you like, e.g. “Why am I blocked with my book” or “What is the next big project I should publish?”

Step 5: Close with gratitude

After you’ve asked all your questions, thank your Future Self (write “thank you” 3x times on the page).

Take a deep breath, turn off the theta wave music, and open your eyes.

Read what has appeared on the page and notice any insights. 

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