Academic Hiring

Do you want to become a writer’s coach?

I’m looking for academic writing coaches & editors & retreat facilitators to join my team!

If you’re building a side business, you already work as a freelancer/coach/consultant, or you’re thinking of leaving academia, please email me at

My coaching business is expanding as there is massive demand!

You want to coach academic writers
  • You’ll do group coaching and 1-1 coaching and help writers set goals, overcome blocks, and gain momentum.
  • You meet participants in 10min accountability check in’s every week to plan their week and record their progress.
  • You’ll get trained by me and work with my small team to support writing clients.
  • You might work with PhD students, faculty, and heads of departments – depending on the program and your own expertise and preference.

Working as a coach in my business is great for those who have coaching experience and want to go deep with clients, unblock them, and move them forward with their writing and career. I’m also able to provide training if you’re new to the game. And if you’re a life or productivity coach, but not a writer, I want to hear from you, too!

You want to lead co-writing
  • you help run my weekly co-writing sessions for participants of my programs
  • length: 1h-90min, occasionally a full retreat
  • you love helping people get instant flow, hold a space for them, and get your own writing done while they write (your camera stays on)

This works well if you’ve run co-writing or writing retreats online or in person at your workplace, informally, or as a facilitator. I’d be very happy to hear from Rowena Murray trained facilitators, but it’s not a requirement.

You love editing
  • you give feedback to participants on their writing, developmental rather than proofreading
  • you give feedback in group sessions so that everyone can learn, or 1-1, or in writing
  • you give an occasional workshop about editing tips for participants (optional)

How to apply

Please email me by December 31 if you’re interested and would like to chat. Do tell me your experiences, which option appeals to you, and why you’re interested in working with me. If you miss the deadline but want to be in touch – do write to me at any time.

Keep a note of this post if you’re still in your current job but you have that feeling that it’s not forever. I’m here to support you and help you!

My programs start in February 2023.

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