I help writers write more and better. If you want to get unstuck and make a big leap with your writing, email me at janz.is.writing@gmail.com for a free 15min consultation. 

My clients are creative writers and academics. I also run workshops for universities and writers’ groups.

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Individual Writing Coaching

I help academic and creative writers with the following:

  • Productivity: determine realistic micro, short-term, and long-term goals; guide you through effective time management; develop a smooth workflow and writing habits
  • Motivation: develop tools against procrastination, perfectionism, and writers’ block; increase your joy in writing (yes, it’s possible!), eliminate negative self-talk
  • Accountability: hold you accountable to specific weekly goals via regular check-in’s

Among my clients are Ph.D. students in their writing-up phase, book authors who are stuck, full professors, novelists, independent scholars… Email me for a 15-minute free consultation at janz.is.writing@gmail.com.


Bespoke group workshops and coaching

I am an experienced workshop facilitator and offer bespoke events on writing routines, productivity, and goal setting for your lab, department, college, and creative writers’ group.


  • “Finish your grant application” 
  • “Eat That Frog writing retreat”
  • “Goal setting like a pro”
  • Summer Writing Bootcamp

If you’re interested, email me at janz.is.writing@gmail.com.


Virtual Writing Retreats on Zoom

Research shows that in facilitated writing sessions…

✅ You write more words and stick with it for longer
✅ You ignore distractions and stay in the flow
✅ You stay on track because you’ve shared your goals with the group

Read my articles on the LSE Impact Blog and The Brave Writer about virtual writing retreats and their benefits for productivity and wellbeing. I advertise my retreats via my newsletter The Write Habit.



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