Bespoke workshops

I an experienced workshop facilitator and offer bespoke events on writing, productivity, well-being and goal setting for your lab, department, college, and student society.


  • “Finish your grant application” workshop and writing sprints
  • “Eat That Frog” virtual writing retreat to wrap up a neglected project 
  • “Goal setting for writers” to maximise productivity

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Virtual Writing Retreats

Research shows that in facilitated writing sessions…

✅ You write more words and stick with it for longer
✅ You ignore distractions and stay in the flow
✅ You stay on track because you’ve shared your goals with the group

Read my articles on the LSE Impact Blog and The Brave Writer about virtual writing retreats and their benefits for productivity and wellbeing. Email me to book your place or arrange a bespoke retreat for your group online.

Productive Writing Workshops

In my writing workshops participants learn techniques to build writing into their busy life and use their writing time well for maximum productivity.

✅ Learn techniques to turn big goals into a concrete writing schedule
✅ Establish new writing habits to avoid procrastination and block
✅ Use the pipeline method to plan your writing for 2021

Read one of my articles on happy goal setting.

Writing Coaching

As an experienced thesis advisor and writing workshop organiser, I can help academic and creative writers with the following:

  • Productivity: determine realistic micro, short-term, and long-term goals; guide you through effective time management; develop a smooth workflow
  • Motivation: develop tools against procrastination, perfectionism and writers’ block; increase your joy in writing (yes, it’s possible!)
  • Accountability: hold you accountable to specific weekly goals via regular check-in’s

My clients range from PhD students to post-docs and also include creative writers. I offer individual coaching or small-group sessions. I provide testimonial on request. Email me for a 15 minute free consultation.

Dissertation consultation

As a comparative political science scholar, statistical methods teacher, and former Chair of the research ethics committee at my university, I offer help with the following:

  • Research design: Designing a sound research design (qualitative and quantitative); developing hypotheses; building a theoretical framework
  • Quantitative methods: measurement; selecting appropriate statistical tests; surveys and sampling techniques; research transparency (I work with R, SPSS, STATA); interpreting and writing-up statistical results
  • Ethics: Navigating GDPR requirements and gaining approval to work with personal or sensitive data (human subjects); balancing ethics and research importance; the implication of social media data collection

Contact me:

Sign up for my newsletter about productivity hacks for writers. Follow me on Twitter @camwritinghub. Email me at for a free consultation.